Pharma committee meeting has resulted in price reduction of many generic drugs and medicines in Oman. Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News

Muscat: Oman’s Committee for the Registration and Pricing of Pharmaceutical Manufactures and Products, chaired by Director General of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control, Dr. Mohammed Hamdan Al Rubaie, in its meeting held recently approved applications for the registration of 36 new medicines.

The approval was subject to mandated procedural conditions and fulfilment of those conditions. The meeting also discussed registration applications and pricing of a number of new drugs, the re-pricing of other registered medicines, as well as reviewed the availability of some medicines in Omani pharma market.

Market demand

The Committee also approved the prices of three drugs due to their demand and the lack of alternatives in the market. It further adopted lower prices than those presented by the manufacturers of about 29 medicines after reviewing and comparing the prices provided for in Oman with those of other countries including GCC countries. The Committee postponed the registration of four drugs to request new price certificates from the concerned companies.

During the meeting, the Committee reviewed the prices of six innovative drugs from international companies, and decided to reduce the prices of these drugs. Additionally, the prices of 13 generic drugs were also reduced in line with the reduction of the mentioned innovative drugs, which are the main reference for their prices.