Oman’s Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport resume normal operations from today. Image Credit: Courtesy Oman Airports Management Company SAOC

Muscat: As Oman’s Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport, resume normal operations from today, a series of required steps that need to be adhered to by travellers have been put up by Oman Airports for easy reference.

The instruction manual published in its Twitter account advises them to complete the registration via the link provided, https://covid19.moh.gov.om/#/traveler-reg. This requires one to fill up the online form, providing the phone number or email id. A fee of RO 25 is also to be paid while registering through the link and traveller need to save the registration form (TRF). The registration can also be done directly from the COVID-19 counter set up at the airports. Downloading the Tarassud Plus app is compulsory for all travellers while HMushrif app is only applicable for those staying over seven days.


After arriving into the airport, provided one has already registered, they can head to the immigration counter and present the TRF and then proceed to the PCR testing area to take the test. Travellers staying beyond seven days need to be fitted with the HMushrif bracelet that will be paired with the app that should already have been downloaded in the phone and will need to undergo a 14-day home quarantine.

While on quarantine, one must have the HMushrif band on at all times along with the phone with which the band has been paired. Not complying with these will subject one to fine and legal action. During the quarantine period, self-reporting of symptoms if any using Tarassud Plus app must be done, as well as notify the medical team on the numbers given, in case of an emergency.

After the mandatory quarantine period is over, the person must visit the closest medical centre, using the HMushrif app’s locator assistance, where after checking, the band will be removed. At no point during the quarantine period shall anyone try to remove the band themselves.