Manama: A mother in Kuwait has lost the custody of her children after her ex-husband showed the court a picture of her wearing a bikini and standing with an unrelated man to argue she was not fit to raise them.

“My client has filed to have the custody of the children because their mother could not be trusted with them,” the father’s lawyer, Yousuf Hussain, said. “My client presented pictures to the court that prove her unfit lifestyle,” he said in remarks published by local daily Al Rai on Thursday.

The picture of the mother wearing the bikini was taken abroad, the daily added.

Other documents submitted by the former husband included a statement that the son’s school had called the mother at 11am to report that the classes were over and that she should come to pick him up. However, by 1pm, the mother had not answered the call and the case was eventually reported to the police. Another document showed that the son had sustained injuries.

“The mother cannot be trusted to raise the children properly and the picture as an example indicates a lack of modesty and a deficiency in her morals that erode trust in her and result in public disdain as society assesses her actions morally or religiously,” the lawyer said.