Siddiq made a number of memorable movies such as 'Wedding of Zain', 'The Last Journey' and 'Faces of the Night'. Image Credit: Twitter @ FilmsAficionado

Dubai: Khaled Siddiq, a prominent Kuwaiti film and TV director, died on Thursday at the age of 76, Kuwaiti media reported.

Siddiq is a pioneer of the Kuwaiti film scene who left behind a number of iconic movies such as the 1972 Oscar nominated movie “Bas Ya Bahr.”

The film, titled “The Cruel Sea” in its English — subtitled version — is a mesmerizing love story playing in the background of a portrait of the lives of pearl divers and their families in pre-oil Kuwait. It went on to win the prestigious FIPRESCI award at the 1972 Venice Film Festival.

Siddiq made a number of other memorable movies such as “Wedding of Zain”, “The Last Journey” and “Faces of the Night”.