kuwait covid vaccine
People queue to receive a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at an inoculation centre in Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Kuwait has said it did not register a coronavirus-related death for the 10th day in a row as the country has stepped up measures against the spread of the new virus variant Omicron.

The Health Ministry said no fatality was recorded due to COVID-19 on Friday and confirmed 22 more infection cases. So far, Kuwait has reported a total of 413,441 virus cases and 2,465 related fatalities.

In recent months, Kuwait has seen a marked decline in virus infection rates attributed to quick-paced mass vaccination.

The health scene is stable in Kuwait, the government spokesman Tareq Al Mazrem said last week.

He added that all people in the country can get a booster shot against COVID-19 without prior appointments provided that six months have elapsed since they obtained the second dose of vaccination.

Kuwaiti authorities have said that the new COVID-19 strain has not been detected in the country, and have suspended flights from nine African nations.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry has urged citizens against travelling abroad unless necessary.