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Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities have arrested a civil servant in the firefighting service who has allegedly embezzled KD2 million 2 by unlawfully adding to his salary, local media reported.

The suspect, who works at the payroll department at the Kuwait Fire Force (KFF), is accused of having increased his salary several times for two years without being noticed.

The KFF audit department eventually found out the suspect’s illegal practice after noticing that his salary swelled to KD50,000 per month, surpassing the salary earned by senior state officials in the country, a KFF source was quoted by Al Anba newspaper as saying. His basic salary stood at KD1,100. “Further examination showed that the accused used to log onto the computer after the payroll lists were approved and tamper with his salary,” the source said.

After the embezzlement crime was confirmed, public prosecution was notified, the source added.

The suspect was arrested and banned from travelling outside the country. He admitted in investigations to having used the embezzled money in buying a store for precious stones at the famous Al Mubarakia market, according to media reports.

The KFF confirmed the incident, saying that the suspect was a civil servant working as a clerk at its payroll department and that his illegal practice was uncovered by a fiscal affairs official.