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Aerial view of Kuwait city. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait is reportedly considering a significant change in residential housing policy with a draft law aimed at regulating expatriate bachelor accommodation in family neighbourhoods.

Fahd Al Shoula, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communications Affairs, has submitted the proposed legislation to the Council of Ministers for review.

The draft law, which received the green light from the Fatwa and Legislation Department, contains strict provisions to restrict the rental of properties to single expat men in areas designated for family and private residences. This move seeks to preserve the familial fabric of residential zones, addressing the concerns of families regarding safety and community standards.

Under the new law, landlords will be obliged to submit lease contracts involving tenants not affected by the restriction to the municipal authority for a regional mayor’s endorsement. Contracts found to contravene the outlined stipulations will be null and void.

Additionally, the legislation dictates that expatriate bachelors residing in family and private housing sectors will not be eligible for civil ID registration or renewal without validated kinship to the property owner or their spouse up to the fourth degree. The law, however, exempts domestic workers from this clause.

To enforce compliance, the proposed law sets forth hefty fines, with penalties ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars. These fines will be levied on property owners, expatriate tenants, or any individuals involved in housing expat bachelors in family-designated areas against the law’s provisions.