Between June 30 and September 24, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) employed 10,482 Kuwaiti citizens. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Kuwait City: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) employed 10,482 Kuwaiti citizens, throughout various governmental agencies within 86 days, between June 30 and September 24.

According to information by the CSC, out of the total number of employees: 6,465 have university degrees, 2,283 have a diploma, 1,136 have secondary school degree, 353 intermediate degree or less, 175 with intermediate certificate and 68 have a masters degree, two of which have a doctorate degree.


Ahmed Al Jassar, head of the department at the Civil Service Commission (CSC), pointed out that the large number of employment is an achievement for both the CSC and governmental agencies, especially during the difficult circumstance that Kuwait is going through.

He went on to praise the cooperation between governmental agencies and the CSC as the,” Commission was keen to proceed with the implementation of the replacement plan that had been previously approved.”

Public sector jobs

While Kuwaitis make up 1.4 million of the country’s four million population, around 90 per cent of Kuwaiti citizens work in the public sector.

For most, working in the public sector means job security as well as numerous benefits. Those working in the public sector enjoy shorter working hours, various number of leave reasons and early retirement.

In terms of leaves, those working in the public sector can obtain a paid leave for traveling to Haj, for mothers, they are guaranteed two hours off everyday for two years, to include pregnancy and early motherhood. In addition, public sector workers can be placed on leave, but without pay, for traveling abroad to study and starting a business.

Compared to the five other GCC countries, Kuwait has the youngest retirement age, 55 years old for men and 50 years old for women. All Kuwaitis receive a pension once they retire that is overseen by the Public Institution For Social Security (PIFSS).

As for expats, back in December 2019, there are 120,00 expats, out of the 3 million residing in Kuwait, working in the public sector.