Kuwait has been celebrating the 90th National Day of its neighbouring country, Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Supplied

Kuwait City: Kuwait has been celebrating the 90th National Day of its neighbouring country, Saudi Arabia, that was unified in 1932 by King Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Governmental agencies from the Kuwait Municipality to the Ministry of Information, have participated in the celebration by raising the Saudi flag, alongside the Kuwaiti flag, and starting a hashtag stating #Kuwait-celebrates-with-you.

In addition, on Tuesday night, various landmarks in Kuwait like the iconic Kuwait Towers and the Sheikh Jaber Causeway bridge lit up with the Saudi flag.

Kuwait-Saudi relations

The two neighbouring Gulf states share a long and close relationship with one another, from trade to policy making.

During the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia served as a safe haven for the Kuwaiti royal family, along with some 150,000 Kuwaiti citizens. In addition, the kingdom was part of the 39 countries that launched an air campaign to drive the Iraqis out of Kuwait.


In 2019, Kuwait and Saudi came to a mutual agreement and understanding on the neutral zone, otherwise known as the Divided Zone, which both countries jointly-operate oilfields. The agreement ended a five-year dispute that began in 2014 when two oil production cities, Wafra (Kuwait) and Khafji (Saudi Arabia), were halted.

Throughout the years, the leaders of both countries have shared a friendly and close relationship. When both leaders were admitted to the hospital in July, both countries’ telephoned its respective counterpart or put out a statement to ensure the leaders a safe and successful recovery.

In addition, both countries are quick to react if any form of attack threatens the safety and sovereignty of either country. Back in 2018, the Kuwaiti Cabinet of Ministers condemned a “terrorist attack” that took place in Taif City in early June. After the 2015 bombing of a mosque in Kuwait, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia telephoned Seikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah, the Kuwaiti foreign minister, condemning the act.

Back in 2018, in retaliation to offensive comments on social media about the two countries relationship, the Deputy Prime Minister, Anas Al Saleh, told Kuna that the Kuwait reaffirms its deep rooted ties with Saudi Arabia, which is based on mutual respect, absolute belief in the common fate and permanent keenness to boost bilateral relations in all fields.

In terms of trade, according to Trading Economics, in 2018 Saudi exported to Kuwait around $2.09 billion, the largest export being dairy products, like eggs, honest and edible products. As for Kuwait, it exported $548.43 million to Saudi, majority of which was furniture, prefabricated buildings and lighting signs.