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Kuwaiti City: Kuwait has beefed up security around key state institutions after an unidentified drone was spotted flying over the capital on Saturday and due to mounting tensions in the Gulf region.

Prime Minister Shaikh Jaber Mubarak on Sunday held an emergency meeting with senior security officials in the country over regional tensions.

“Security agencies started necessary investigations into the drone flight monitored on the coastal side of Kuwait City and steps taken to confront it,” Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Interior Minister Anis Al Saleh said after the meeting without details.

The prime minister instructed the security officials to tighten security around vital installations in the country.

The measures, described by the Kuwaiti media as “maximum and unprecedented”, also follow a drone attack on Saturday claimed by Yemen’s Iran-allied Al Houthi militants on two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The attack, which the US has blamed on Iran, has heightened global fears of the flow of energy supplies from Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter.

The Kuwaiti army has said it maintains “direct and constant coordination” with Saudi Arabia.