Kuwait has cracked down on people driving without a licence. Image Credit: Yasmena Al Mulla / Gulf News

Dubai: A total of 940 juveniles have been arrested in Kuwait for driving without a licence during the first half of 2023. The apprehended minors, found operating their relatives’ vehicles unlawfully, were handed over to the Juvenile Prosecution for further legal proceedings.

In addition to the arrests, the department also seized a significant number of vehicles and bicycles related to various traffic offenses.

A total of 4,034 items were confiscated and housed in the impoundment yard, including 2,494 vehicles and 1,540 bicycles. Out of the seized vehicles, 517 were implicated in cases of theft or trust-related issues.

Kuwait law states that reckless driving, driving without a valid driver’s licence or driving a vehicle that one is not allowed to drive as per the driving licence, is punishable by a fine of KD 100 and/or imprisonment for one month.