Kuwait charity coronavirus
Kuwaiti volunteers wear protective masks as they fill charity boxes with essential household supplies to distribute to the needy, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease last year. Image Credit: Reuters

Kuwait City: On Monday, Kuwait recorded 1,179 positive cases, the highest number of COVID-19 cases since the first case was reported over a year ago.

This is the highest number to be recorded in 24 hours since May 19, 2020. On that day, the total number of confirmed cases on that day was 1,073.

The number of cases spiked but so has the percentage of positive cases to swabs taken, bringing it to 15.63 per cent.

Rise in cases

Kuwait has been witnessing a spike in cases for the past month and has been trying to curb the spread of the virus.

The alarm was sounded about a month ago when the average of positive cases to swabs was around 9 per cent, a steep jump from the 5.2 per cent average of December.

In addition, there has been a rise in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occupancy as it jumped by 62 per cent compared to last month.

On September 22, Kuwait surpassed 100,000 confirmed cases and is almost at the 200,00 milestone with the total cases reaching 192,031.

New health measures

As the number of cases and occupancy rate in the ICU increases, the government has brought in new health measures in the past month.

Since February 7, non-Kuwaitis have been barred from entering Kuwait and the decision was extended earlier this week until further notice. In addition, last week the government announced that starting on February 24 Kuwait will close it’s land and sea borders until March 20.

As for commercial activities, on February 7 all gyms, saloons and health centres were ordered to shut down. Then, last week a ban on indoor and order dining was placed on restaurants and cafes.

The Ministry of Health is urging all citizens and residents to adhere to the health procedures put in place and follow all preventive measures.