Stock Kuwait city skyline
1,210,155 people in Kuwait have registered for the COVID-19 vaccine. Image Credit: AFP

Kuwait City: The Ministry of Health's spokesman, Dr. Abdullah Al Sanad, announced in a press conference that all citizens and expats above age 65 who registered for the vaccine have been inoculated.

He added that so far 1,210,155 citizens and residents have registered for the vaccine.

Kuwait has been working on ramping up testing to achieve its goal of vaccinating two million people by September.

So far, Kuwait has been administrating both the Pfizer-BioNtech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Between the two, as of two weeks, Al Sanad reported that 604,861 doses have been administered.

Second batch

After Kuwait received the second batch of the Oxford vaccine last week, new vaccination centres have popped up around the country. Al Sanad said that seven new centres have begun working as of Sunday, bringing the total number of sites to 22.

The Pfizer vaccine is being administered at the Mishref Fairground as the freezers that store the vaccine are located on the premises. As for the Oxford vaccine, it is being administered at health clinics across Kuwait.

Last month, Kuwait announced that it will be opening a drive thru vaccination centre on the South Island of Al Jaber Causeway Bridge.

Speeding up

Kuwait is moving full force with its vaccination campaign and will begin vaccinating workers at commercial establishments that include but are not limited to supermarkets and shops, according to Al Sanad.

The Ministry of Health is preparing to vaccinate teachers and administrative staff in preparation for the return of schools by September. In addition, Grade 12 students will be prioritised for the vaccine so that they will be vaccinated by the time they appear for the exams.