Manama: A Kuwaiti lawmaker has sparked a passionate debate on social media after he called for the imposition of a fully conservative uniform for all flight attendants and air hostesses working for Kuwaiti airlines.

MP Abdul Rahman Al Jiran said he based his proposal to fellow lawmakers on Article Two of the Kuwaiti constitution.

“Based on Article Two of the Constitution that stipulates that the religion of the State is Islam and Islamic Law shall be a main source of legislation, in application of the tenets and values that have characterized the Kuwaiti society throughout its long history, and out of the keenness to highlight Kuwait’s people as peaceful, conservative and serious, I propose that all Kuwaiti airlines female crews wear the Islamic religious uniform,” he said.

Kuwaiti One, a blogger, said he applauded the proposal.

“We thank the lawmaker and we look forward to the application of his proposal,” he posted. “Unfortunately, the current uniforms are not decent enough.”

Husain said he was all praise for Al Jiran’s high morals and sense of decency.

“Thank you and keep on moving,” he posted. Do not worry about those who try to put you down or to defeat your commitment to religious values.”

Fahad echoed the support for the “religious uniform.”

“God bless you and I believe that whoever does not uphold genuine religious values suffers from a deficiency in his faith,” he posted.

However, other bloggers blasted Al Jiran, saying he should focus his efforts on issues that are more significant for the country and the people.

“The lawmaker is obviously seeking to stir compassionate feelings and to achieve personal interests,” Noor said. “Does he really think that the airlines would impose the religious uniform? It is pathetic.”

Bu Mishal said that the move was totally senseless.

“Utter nonsense. Maybe he should also push for a ban on women driving cars or on women working in places where they will mix with men,” he said. “This lawmaker might push it further and call for a boycott of the airlines that do not impose religious uniforms on their cabin female crews.”

Ahmad said the lawmaker should refocus his attention on matters of national interest.

“Maybe he should also call for a full veil on the face so that he can feel at ease when using Kuwaiti planes,” he said. “Get serious and look at the important things happening in the country. You cannot be that blind,” he said.