Court. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Bahrain’s Third Minor Criminal Court sentenced a Bahraini man to six months in jail for insulting religious figures and people glorified by Muslims, local media reported.

Abdul Rahman Al Mannai, Northern Governorate Chief Prosecutor, said the Public Prosecution investigated the incident after receiving several complaints. Prosecutors found that the defendant delivered several sermons, in which he offended the companions of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

“The prosecution reviewed the recordings of sermons, which included insulting and cursing phrases against the companions of Prophet Mohammed,” the Chief Prosecutor said.

The man was earlier arrested and referred to the criminal court after he was confronted with the content of the recordings and admitted to the crime.

Al Mannai said: “These disgraceful practices and offence of religious symbols can cause strife in the society, and they do not fall under the concept of freedom of opinion and expression.”

“Such practices constitute an explicit violation of these values and freedom of expression, which are preserved and protected under the law, he said, stressing that the Public Prosecution firmly assesses criminal responsibility for them.”