Manila: Ten construction workers are confirmed dead while one survivor is fighting for his life at the hospital after a gondola lift collapsed at a building under construction at the Makati Central Business District.

Radio reports said seven construction workers were fitting glass panels at the façade of the 40-storey Eton Tower in Paseo de Roxas corner Gallardo Streets when the gondola lift used by the workers suddenly crashed from the building's 32nd level all the way down to the 7th floor.

The crash caused immediate death due to traumatic injuries to three workers while some of the fatalities expired while undergoing emergency treatment at the nearby hospitals, Dr Perry Ishmael Peralta head of Emergency Medicine Unit of the Ospital ng Makati said during a press conference.

Emergency workers rushed to the scene of the accident and took the injured workers to the Ospital ng Makati (Makati Hospital) and to the nearby Makati Medical Centre.

Initial reports said among those taken to the hospital according to a report by the Bombo Radyo station are Rowel Perez, Rommel Perez, Michael Tatlonghari, Kevin Mabunga, a certain Joel, Celso and one named Biñon.

Witnesses said the bodies of the workers had been badly mangled as a result of the fall.

According to Peralta the condition of the injured worker, whose name is being withheld by officials, is being closely monitored by the doctors.

Makati Mayor Jun-jun Binay said the city government is trying to determine whether the contractor complied with necessary safety measures in constructing the building.

"I have given instructions to Chief Inspector Samuel Tadeo, head of the Makati's Bureau of Fire Protection to conduct an investigation into the apparent accident and probe into the cause of the mishap," Binay said.

Building developer Eton Properties for its part, said it is conducting its own investigation into the cause of the accident.

"We will be issuing an official statement later. Our immediate concern is to bring workers to the nearest hospital so they can be given emergency medical attention," the firm said.

"So far, sketchy reports indicates that 11 workers were involved in the accident when the suspended gondola, a basketlike platform used by workers for installing glass windows, fell…"

The accident is the latest to occur at the Makati Central Business District, the busiest commercial area in the country.

Various incidents have taken place there from several failed attempted sudden power grabs by military adventurists to a gas explosion in a mall that killed several people and injured more than a hundred.