Philippine presidential candidate Senator Manuel Villar reaches out to his supporters on a bus during a campaign motorcade in Bataan, north of Manila, on Monday. Image Credit: AFP

Manila: President Gloria Arroyo is pleased with the endorsement by religious cult leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the ruling Lakas Party's presidential nominee, Gilbert Teodoro, a deputy spokesman said.

Meanwhile, leading presidential candidate Senator Benigno Aquino III, from the opposition Liberal Party, was disappointed that he was not Quiboloy's chosen one.

But he welcomed the religious leader's endorsement of Mar Roxas as vice-president.

"We hope for those religious leaders considering endorsing presidential candidates, that they would follow the example of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy (who endorsed Teodoro)," Arroyo's deputy spokesman Gary Olivar said.

"Lakas Party would have felt better if vice presidential candidate Edu Manzano was also endorsed."

During a concert and rally at the "People Power Monument" in suburban Quezon City, Aquino said, "We are happy for Mar and we respect the decision of Pastor Quiboloy".

Other groups capable of enforcing block-voting by members are due to announce their endorsements shortly of Aquino, spokesman Edwin Lacierda said.

Quiboloy, a non-Catholic evangelist with a sect called "Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name" has a sprawling headquarters called Kingdom of Heaven in Davao, and six million followers in the Philippines and abroad. His likely endorsement had been evangelist Brother Eddie Villanueva, a Protestant.

Quiboloy said he had chosen Teodoro because: "I saw a vision of US President Barack Obama. He pointed at me and shook hands with me. I saw a sign above us that said GibObama".

Gibo is Teodoro's nickname. Both Obama and Teodoro studied at Harvard University.

When asked why he endorsed Roxas, Quiboloy said: "I have had two revelation dreams on June 20, 2009, and on March 25, 2010". He did not give details.

The televangelist dramatically prophesied when he announced his choice in south's Davao City on Sunday.

All other presidential candidates have been seeking his endorsement.