Boy from Pakistan's Sikh community performs traditional dance, video goes viral .
Image Credit: screen grab from video instagrammed by The Express Tribune

Islamabad:  A young boy Sikh boy in Pakistan took the internet by storm with his performance of 'Attan', a traditional Pashtun dance, during a wedding in Pakistan.

Identified as Jagraj Singh by The Express Tribune, the boy from Pakistan's Sikh community in Peshawar is seen in a video dancing to the beats of the rubab played by local musician Gurmeet Singh

In the video that has gone viral, the boy is seen wearing a blue kurta, white pant and a black patka while he jives to the folk dance as the audience cheers him on.

On Instagram, the boy's video gained over 18,329 views and the comments section filled up with praise for the little dancer. "Normalise dancing not just boys but everyone," wrote one user on the picture-sharing app.

"Love his moves," wrote another user.

Whereas on Twitter, the video gained over 158 likes and has been retweeted 39 times."This moment is very memorable and pleasant for family #SikhCommunity in Pakistan," a user wrote on Twitter.

Attan originated in the Pashtun areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and typically the dance is done in a circle with dancers spininning and often swirling scarves in the air. Attan songs are long and sometimes dancing continue hours and hours in the night.