Swat River
The Swat River is a perennial river in the northern region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Swat: A selfie attempt cost the lives of two tourists from Karachi, a father and daughter duo when the young girl fell into the Swat river. Known as the ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’, Swat Valley is a popular tourist destination in Pakistan. The family, originally from Karachi, were reportedly touring the region.

On Monday evening, Arisha – the daughter – fell into the Swat River while attempting to click a selfie. Her father, Najeeb Shuja, jumped in to rescue Arisha but both were swept away by strong currents.

The locals recovered the bodies after a couple of hours from Madyan – a spot nine kilometres away from the accident site. The bodies were later shifted to their hometown.