Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing at the Joint Session of Parliament. Image Credit: APP

Dubai: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has won hearts in the battle with India.

Imran, once an aggressive and fearsome fast bowler, who captained his country to cricket World Cup victory, has once again showed his leadership skills by announcing the release of the captive Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

This is probably the fastest release of a captured soldier in the history of both the nations.

“We have decided to release the Indian pilot tomorrow (Friday) as a goodwill gesture for peace,” Imran said with parliamentarians thumping their desks at the joint session of parliament in Islamabad on Thursday.

This has never happened before in Pakistan’s democratic rule that a full house of the joint parliament session has unanimously backed a decision of their prime minister at such a crucial time of high tension between India and Pakistan. There was not even a single voice opposing his decision – neither in the parliament nor by media pundits.

Even his arch-rival in the country, opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif, backed his decision in parliament and lauded his gesture for peace.

He is probably the only Pakistani Prime Minister who is working wisely with the armed forces without even the slightest conflicting note.

Imran’s critics, who thought a hot headed cricketer such as him would be unable to lead a country like Pakistan, must now remember that he, despite being a bowler, had also batted the best. He scored the highest runs of 72 in Pakistan’s innings in the 1992 World Cup final leading his team to victory. Now, he is batting well to win on the diplomatic front.

Since he took over, he has successfully managed to tackle economic issues in his country with the help of friendly countries in addition to attracting massive investment pledges.

He has shown his leadership qualities on the diplomatic front by avoiding irrational decisions at probably the most difficult time he is facing. He is vouching for talks and peace at this crucial time when nuclear-armed neighbours have locked horns. I am sure, given the chance for peace talks, he is capable of negotiating with India to ensure peace in the region. I must say Imran has set the pace for Naya (new) Pakistan as he had promised.