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Dubai: Cycling is a common mode of transport on the heavily congested roads of Lahore, but many see it as synonymous with the poor class.

However, a Lahore based CEO, Monis Rahman, set an example on Wednesday when he used his bicycle coupled with google map to beat the rush hour traffic.

Defying all odds, Rahman navigated to his workplace armed with nothing but a smartphone loaded with Google Maps and a bicycle, news website propakistani.pk reported on Thursday. That too when various roads in Lahore were blocked by containers due to a protest being held by religious groups.

Major roads from Gulberg to Jail Road were blocked and the daily routine was disrupted for most residents.

News of the traffic jam was circulating all over the media channels and citizens were being instructed to stay at home for their own convenience. However, that did not stop Rahman from reaching his office.

“Unstoppable. Armed with Google Maps, a bicycle and determination. Reached office. Major roads blocked in Lahore,” Rahman tweeted on his achievement with his photo on cycle.

While most took it as an unexpected holiday and kicked back at home, Rahman packed up his bag, hopped on his bike and ventured out using Google Maps to guide him along the routes that were still open.

He used Google Maps and live feed to assess the sealed areas and blocked roads. He then devised a new route to his office.

Travelling through the narrow streets and opting for a much longer route, Rahman finally reached his office. He also posted his story on social media in hopes to inspire people.

“This goes on to show that it is irrelevant whether you are a peon or a CEO of a huge company, [your] work ethic should never change. If a CEO can make such an effort and travel on a bicycle in overcast conditions then anyone can do so too,” he commented.