Islamabad: Interior Minister Rehman Malek on Monday said Pakistan had evidence of involvement of India in terrorist acts in the country.

At a news conference in southern port city of Karachi, Malek said the evidence had been given to the foreign ministry and it would take it up with India when the stalled composite dialogue between the two countries was resumed.

The minister said Pakistan would also bring the evidence before the world countries at the appropriate time.

Malek has held meetings in Karachi with scholars from different schools of religious thought, urging them to raise their voice more effectively against perpetrators of attacks.

Responding to a question, Rehman said all weapons being used by militants were coming from Afghanistan and the matter had already been taken up with the Afghan government.

Two prominent religious scholars, Maulana Tahirul Qadri and Maulana Munibur Rehman, have condemned suicide attacks and stated Islam abhors such acts.