Karachi: A husband allegedly set his wife on fire on a dispute over his intentions for polygamy, inflicting the third degree burning wounds that could be fatal, hospital and police sources said on Saturday.

Tauqeer Khatoon was taken to the hospital with 90 per cent burns. She told the doctors that she was burnt by her husband. Abul Hassan, the husband, who is a police constable, was questioned by his wife for taking a third woman in his wedlock.

However, Hassan said that he was not at home at the time the incident with the other woman occurred.

The statements of the couple were recorded for further investigation.

Every year in Pakistan, there are between 8,000 to 9,000 reported crimes against women. These include, rape, acid throwing or burning, honour killings, forced marriages, forced prostitution and the buying and selling of women.

Unfortunately, these crimes are growing every day in Pakistan,

Hundreds of women alone are victims of acid throwing on their faces which has led to their faces being completely disfigured.