Jemima poster
Jemima Goldsmith shared a Lollywood-style poster featuring her, Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi Image Credit: Twitter

Jemima Goldsmith, along with laughing emojis, tweeted a picture of a composite painting in the style of a typical Lollywood movie poster depicting Imran Khan’s current wife, Bushra Bibi as a magician. But she soon deleted it.

The former spouse of Pakistan’s prime minister took to her account to share a painting she said her friend spotted in Lahore. She also translated the text on the image.

“Who doesn’t love a Lollywood poster? Spotted today by a friend in Lahore. Caption: ‘what kind of black magic did you do?’ @Jemima_Khan wrote.

Screengrab of Jemima Goldsmith's tweet Image Credit: Twitter

In a following post, she tweeted a disclaimer: “Ps. No disrespect intended. Like most of you, I just found it funny. (Plus I’m a genuine fan of Pakistani film posters, street art & truck art.)”

However, she soon deleted the posts.

Netizens react

Most social media users on Twitter seemed to have a laugh at the artwork and gave quirky responses to the British TV producer. However, there were some who did not seem to find it amusing and might be the reason why Goldsmith chose to take her tweets down.

User @Dr_AyeshaNavid joked: “The word used in the poster is just ‘magic’. You added another word ‘black’. It proves that in your subconscious you also think that she is doing kind of black magic not simple magic. Note: I am just kidding.”

Tweep @MightyShahpar shared what he thought Khan’s reaction would be using a clip of Khan: “You are so witty @Jemima_Khan and @ImranKhanPTI will be like...”

Some like @swellco19 even shared their favourite Lollywood posted: “Now this is a real Lollywood film poster.”

But there were definitely those who did not enjoy it.

Tweep @LadyBibliovert thoguht the post might be offensive to Bushra Bibi: “This isn't funny. The poster is demeaning to First Lady.”

Jemima and Imran

Goldsmith and khan got married in 1995 for nine years before announcing their split in 2004.

She has actively been a part of Khan’s life and supporter of his political career ever since.