Hanan Hamid Image Credit: Facebook

Dubai: Online users rushed in support of 19-year-old Hanan Hamid, who was trolled by cyber bullied for selling fish to support her family, post her college hours.

After registering the case on Friday, Kerala police have arrested a man from Wayanad for allegedly posting negative comments against the college student.

The bullying started when news of her selling fish at the Thammanam fish market to make a living, was reported on, and went viral. Trolls didn’t spare Hamid and made personal remarks against her.

However, social media users were furious and people were quick to come to her aid. Tweeps praised Hamid for her “dedication and bravery.” She also received support from Kerala Chief Minister (CM), Pinarayi Vijayan and former Kerala CM Velikkakathu Sankaran Achuthanandan, yesterday.

According to an article by newspaper Indian Express, Vijayan criticised the online bullies and said: “It’s a matter of pride when someone tries to be self-dependent and fund their studies with their own earnings. Only those who have undergone such life experiences will be able to understand this. Hanan from Kochi is one step above…”

Congress Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor also stepped in to defend the girl and tweeted: “It is clear that those who have been hounding this young girl for surviving despite the odds don’t understand the first thing about women’s empowerment!”

Another tweep @AnoopChettiar echoed the same and said: “The young girl deserves to have love and encouragement from society. But narrow-minded people troll her with abuses. Such illiterate and uncultured people are a shame to society…”

In order to make ends meet, Hamid not only sold fish but took tuitions and did many other odd jobs.

Tweep @SaviSanghi added: “Shame on those who mock honest work! Where would any country be without hardworking people?”

In the last week, Hamid’s story has gained popularity, however, online trolls still aren’t at peace. A video of her surfaced online where she is seen hysterically crying and speaking in Malayalam, while police constables try to calm her down. People accused her of seeking fame and sympathy.

Despite this, many people are moved by her story and have offered to help. In a report by online publication The News Minute, “Director Arun Gopi, offered her a role alongside Pranav Mohanlal in his second film Iruvathionnam Nootandu, on learning about the girl from local newspapers.”

While Hamid is not the first girl to be bullied online, and neither will she be the last, many users discussed this social media ‘troll culture’ and criticised it.