Ranchi: Jharkhand's new Chief Minister, Shibu Soren, promised Wednesday to provide a corruption-free government in the state.

Soren said in an interview soon after taking office that he had learnt valuable lessons from his two previous stints as chief minister — once for just 10 days.

"We have learnt lessons from the past... like political instability, corruption and incompetence in Jharkhand," Soren said. "All the components of a new coalition government are committed to the development of the state."

Soren spoke after he took the oath as the seventh chief minister of Jharkhand at the head of a coalition government involving the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) won 18 seats in the 81-member assembly and refused to back either the Congress, which got 25 seats in a smaller alliance, or the BJP, which too won 18 seats. In the end, the BJP, once Soren's tormentor, decided to prop up the JMM chief.

Soren said the priorities of his government would be to provide "roti, kapda and makan" (food, clothes and houses) to all sections of society as well as corruption-free governance.

"Enormous political corruption and instability worsened the condition of Jharkhand since its formation. We are dedicated to work for the members of backward communities and the downtrodden."