Patna: A Muslim girl from Bihar on Sunday refused to marry a local man after the groom’s family sought a hefty dowry in lieu of solemnisation of marriage.

Fatima Firdausi, from Chakhasim village in eastern Bihar’s Munger district, has become a star overnight for her bold initiative to outright reject the marriage.

In support of her courage, the elders at this village have now vowed not to give dowry to grooms in future.

As per the report, Fatima’s marriage had been fixed with a man who has a government job. The marriage procession was scheduled to arrive at her village on Sunday and everyone in the family was busy making arrangements to welcome guests when suddenly the groom’s side put a dowry demand of Rs1 million (Dh60,000) before the bride’s family, leaving everyone stunned.

But, Fatima removed their concern soon after when she refused to marry her suitor, earning her huge acclaim from all quarters.

“Dowry is a bigger evil for the society and every girl from the country should raise their voice against it,” she told a local news channel after rejecting the marriage proposal.

Her family members and even entire villagers are quite happy at her bold act. “She has done us proud in the society. I am proud of my child,” the girl’s father Abdul Ahad said. Her brother Mohammad Chand Qaisar also expressed happiness over it.

“The boy’s side called us and sought a dowry of Rs1 million saying he is employed in a government job.

“We were really quite disturbed at the sudden demand but our sister has inspired all. Now we will together fight the evil of dowry,” said Qaiser.

Bihar State Women Commission chairperson Kehkesan Perveen congratulated Fatima on her bold initiative and asked all girls to take lessons from her. “The demon of dowry will never be wiped out until the girls themselves come out and boycott families seeking dowries,” said Perveen.

The rejection of marriage over dowry is perhaps the first such case in the rather orthodox Muslim society.