Dubai: Two more Indian expatriates have been arrested for organising Saturday's pro-Hazare march at Al Mamzar Park, without obtaining prior permission from concerned authorities, the Indian Consulate said.

As Gulf News reported earlier, the march was organised in support of Indian anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare through Facebook.

The alleged organiser R.D, an Indian, residing in Sharjah, was detained at the event while two more men, H.J and S, were arrested by the police yesterday. Those detained are expected to appear before the Dubai Public Prosecution soon.

A Consulate official said that they visited the detained individuals at the Al Muraqqabat Police Station yesterday, and that they are following the case closely. "The case is being examined under the local laws and it is learnt that the detainees have hired a lawyer and sought bail," the official said.

A professional runner, R.D, allegedly organised the peaceful march to express solidarity with Hazare, who is fasting in an attempt to convince the government to strengthen a draft anti-corruption law.

He was arrested by Dubai Police after dispersing the crowd gathered at the park.

He is said to have invited the public to join him on a three-kilometre walk with family and friends in support of India's fight against corruption.

Call for support

"Support the crusader who has taken this fight against mighty and corrupt officials for the benefit of the nation," he wrote on the Facebook page.

"At 8.30pm start walking towards South [Al Nahda side] by the beach for about 1.5km until you're guided to return back to the parking lot."

"Try not to be loud and avoid attracting unnecessary attention." R.D also wrote on the page that: "Peace remains [the] essence of this event."

Although there is no official confirmation about the number of people who turned up for the march, some of the participants say there were at least 150 people, while others say there were about 50 to 75.