Stolen heart, stolen love
Image Credit: iStockphoto

What you need to know:

  • Man wanted to file complaint after a girl had stolen his heart.
  • He was turned away by authorities.
  • Police officers were left perplexed with the case. 

Dubai: Policemen in Nagpur were left in a fix when approached with a complaint they didn’t know how to solve. A young man asked officers to help him find his heart after a girl “stole” it.

The bizarre incident took place in a police station in the city of Nagpur, India.

Some Indian tweeps found the story hilarious and called the man “Romeo”, while others hoped that he was reprimanded by authorities.

Tweep @HalanSevannan5 posted: “Police should have given some ‘strong lessons’ to that useless fellow for wasting their time...”

According to a report by Indian broadcast channel NDTV, after discussing the matter, senior officers came to the conclusion that there was no section under Indian laws that dealt with such complaints. They eventually turned the man away.

The article stated that the incident was shared by Nagpur Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay during a programme where he spoke about a stolen goods case worth Rs82 lakhs (Dh432,542).

He said: “We can return stolen articles, but sometimes we also get such complaints which even we cannot solve.”

The story received a lot of attention and was reported on by many Indian websites.