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Image Credit: Twitter/@ravirp

Dubai: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended his first press conference in India in the five years of his party’s rule. However, apart from delivering a speech, Modi did not answer any questions from the media.

‘Press conference’ became the top discussion on Twitter in India, with many social media users hopeful that this would be the first time Modi would field questions in a press conference. He had been criticised in the past for not holding a single press conference in India during his entire tenure as Prime Minister.

However, even when a journalist directed her question to Modi, he pointed towards Amit Shah, saying: “For us, the [party] president is everything.”

Before the questions began, Modi spoke about the Bharatiya Janata Party’s campaign during the ongoing general elections. Newspaper the Indian Express, quoted him as saying: “The election campaign was a success. In the last two elections, even the IPL couldn’t be held. When the government is strong, IPL, Ramzaan, school exams and others tend to take place peacefully.”

He added that he expected the BJP to return to power with an even bigger number of votes than 2014.

Many tweeps, however, were not happy that this was called a press conference by Modi, when only Shah answered questions.


Journalist @Nidhi tweeted: “So it wasn’t a press conference by the PM after all.”

Another journalist, @free_thinker, wrote: “Modiji got confused between press conference and mann ki baat [Modi’s regular radio and television show].

Twitter user @ashoswai questioned: “They say it is Prime Minister’s Press Conference - Who is the Prime Minister? Modi or Amit Shah?”

However, the BJP’s social media handles referred to the press meet as Amit Shah’s press conference.

Tweep @someshjha7 wrote: “Breaking: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives speech; BJP President Amit Shah holds press conference.”

Another Twitter user @samjawed65: “Narendra Modi’s first press conference in five years and he doesn’t take any questions. Once upon a time his supporters used to mock MMS [Manmohan Singh] as Maunmohan Singh.”