Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan Image Credit: IANS

New Delhi: A Delhi court on Wednesday granted cricketer Shikhar Dhawan divorce from his estranged wife, Aesha Mukerji on grounds of mental cruelty.

Judge Harish Kumar of Patiala House Courts accepted all the claims made by Dhawan in his divorce petition, as his wife did not contest the allegations or defend herself.

The court acknowledged the mental agony endured by Dhawan, who was compelled to live separately from his only son for an extended period.

While not issuing any order on permanent custody of the child, the court granted Dhawan visitation rights to spend time with his son in both India and Australia, and allowed video calls between them.

Furthermore, the court ordered Mukerji to facilitate the child's visits to India, including overnight stays with Dhawan and his family, during at least half of the school vacation periods within the academic calendar.

Recognising Dhawan's stature as a renowned international cricketer, the court urged him to approach the Union government to seek assistance in addressing visitation or custody matters with his son, particularly involving his counterpart in Australia.

Earlier, the courts had held that the mother alone does not possess exclusive rights over a child. The duo had initiated legal proceedings in both India and Australia regarding divorce and child custody.

The court had also reprimanded Mukerji for objecting to bringing the child to India.