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A 22-year-old woman in the Indian state of Bengaluru spent three days in an open 60-foot-deep well without food or water after an Instagram friend of hers allegedly pushed her into the well. This weekend, police arrested her social media friend who wanted to kill her, because he was unhappy that she had rejected his marriage proposal.

According to Indian media reports, the incident happened in a village near Devanahalli.

On October 13, a villager heard someone screaming from the well and raised an alarm. The villagers called the fire and rescue department. A team of police, fire, and emergency officials rushed to the spot here with a crane and rescued the woman, who had fractured her hand during the fall.

The woman, a resident of another village in Kolar district, told police how she had reached Devanahalli. The married woman who also has a son said that she came to meet her 22-year-old Instagram friend named Adarsha. The two had become friends on Instagram a month back. Adarsha wanted to meet her personally, so the woman took a bus from her village and arrived in Devanahalli on October 10. She said: "I reached Devanahalli around 5.30pm, and he picked me up on his scooter. He told me that he would show me his farmhouse and took me there. He started expressing his desire to marry me. I rejected his proposal, saying I'm already married and have a son. But he didn't listen and started forcing me to marry him. He threatened to kill me if I rejected his proposal and pushed me into the well. He fled the spot, cursing me that I would die there," she told police.

Police said the woman luckily survived the fall because of the bushes in the well. They took her to a nearby hospital for the treatment of the injuries she sustained.

Jurisdictional Vijayapura police detained Adarsha for attempting to murder the woman, police said.