Two men cheat London-returned doctor, sell him fake ‘Aladdin’s lamp'
Image for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Stock photo

A man in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh ended up losing Rs2.5 crore (Dh1.2 million) after two men allegedly cheated him and sold him "Aladdin ka Chirag" or Aladdin’s lamp

According to Indian news reports, the incident that took place in Meerut district came to light recently when Dr Laeek Khan, who had returned to India from London a few years ago, approached the police to complain against the two men. In his complaint, the doctor stated that the men pretending to be tantriks or occultists and told him that the gold lamp would help him fulfil all his wishes.

Dr Khan said that it all started in 2018 when he would frequently visit a female patient named Sameena for post-surgery dressing.

It was through her that the doctor met a tantrik, who claimed that he had magical powers. The man promised to give the doctor 'Aladdin Ka Chirag' and make him a billionaire.

According to Indian news reports, the tantrik and his friend would show the doctor a 'jinn' (genie) appear from the lamp but would not allow him to take it home, saying that touching it would be ominous for him.

Believing what he saw, the doctor said he paid the men Rs2.5 crore in installments and was finally able to take home the lamp recently. However, later, the doctor realised that the 'jinn' he had been seeing was the husband of the woman.

Khan realised that he was being cheated on and approached the local police. This week, the police arrested the two accused Islamuddin and his friend Anees while a search is on for the woman, they said, according to news reports. Ind