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A two-day-old girl's dead body was recovered from the bushes in Bhopal city from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The police have arrested the her great grandparents for murder.

Local media reported that a woman got pregnant after an illicit relationship and gave birth to a child. And due to fear of social ignominy, her grandfather killed the newborn.

While confirming the incident, police officials said that the woman’s grandparents struck the two-day-old with a knife, and a blade, and then threw the body in the bushes.

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According to the local news outlets, the police initially thought that some animal must have killed the girl. Later, the postmortem report clarified that more than 80 stab wounds were found on the girl's body.

Apparently, the police collected information from the hospitals about girl children born within a week and also checked the footage of all the CCTV cameras installed up to five kilometres from the site of the incident.

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During the investigation, the police got information about the midwife Vidyabai and her husband, Puran Singh. According to police, the two confessed to their crime and said that their granddaughter had become pregnant in January after having an illicit relationship with a young man. Police have recovered the knife and blade used in the incident and filed a case of murder according to the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.