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According to India’s national crimes statistics bureau, 8,000 dowry deaths are recorded each year in the country. Image Credit: Wiki Commons

After a distraught young woman visited a police station in Delhi, India, a policeman took it upon himself to reunite her with estranged boyfriend. After the cop played matchmaker, the duo got married on October 5.

The police official, who is part of Delhi’s South-East squad, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) RP Meena said that the 24-year-old woman approached Govindpuri police station to lodge a complaint about injuries she had suffered. However, police officials soon realised that the injuries were self-inflicted.

The policeman spoke to the woman, and she revealed that she had relationship issues.

Reportedly, she was in love with a 28-year-old man who refused to marry her after a relationship of three years due to a misunderstanding.

Police personnel at the Govindpuri police station were left with a dilemma: Whether to register the woman’s complaint or to reconcile the couple. They chose the latter.

"We invited the families of both to the police station for mediation. After a long counselling session, both sides agreed to solemnise their marriage," Meena told local media outlets.

Finally, the couple tied the knot at a temple on Monday. The couple credited the policeman for their reunion and reportedly visited the police station after the wedding.

The newlyweds were given gifts by the police officials, local media outlets reported.

Meena also carried out the 'kanyadaan' ritual for the woman. The Hindu wedding tradition typically involves the bride's father pouring sacred water in his daughter's hand and placing her hand in the groom's hand, officially giving her away to the groom.