CCTV footage shows leopardess in abandoned Rajasthan home
CCTV footage shows leopardess in abandoned Rajasthan home Image Credit: Twitter/Parveen Kaswan

Dubai: With the outbreak of coronavirus, human beings are staying indoors to curb the spread of COVID-19, making room for animals to wander out of hiding, into streets and previously populated areas, around the world. In a new viral video, a leopardess was spotted in a village in Rajasthan, India, occupying an abandoned house for her three cubs.

The incident occurred in Tantol village and was captured on CCTV cameras. Tweeps were amazed at the footage shared.

Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service shared the video on twitter where the leopardess is seen entering the abandoned house. She carries one of her cubs out with her towards the end of the video.

The 21-second clip was watched more than 36,000 times and was uploaded with the caption: “While everybody was inside the mother #leopard found an unused house and started raising her three cubs. In Tantol village of Rajasmand. Mother is coming in night and in daytime she goes for food. Cubs are doing fine. So now dept. has put staff and cameras to monitor things…”

Online reactions….

On April 16, Kaswas uploaded a picture of the three tiny cubs, leaving social media users swooning.

Many praised the forest department for their action. Tweep @Jyotirmayamish posted: “We are proud of Forest Departmant.”

Twitter user @DragonflyKaya posted: “People should stay in longer so we can have more of this.”

@philpjg posted: “This is so wonderful.”

And @divya80tiwari posted: “One this this lockdown has made crystal clear is that we the humans are the real virus for this planet and we need to pull ourselves up! May be an organized 15 day lockdown every year to give our planet a chance to heal isn’t a really bad idea!”

Some users raised questions about the safety of the animals and requested the forest department to take adequate measures to keep poachers away.

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Other animals found…

All around the world, unique animals have been spotted walking along streets and visiting neighbourhoods, as most countries around the world are in lockdown.

A raccoon was spotted casually walking in Central Park, New York, while peacocks were spotted on a lane near Lodhi Road in New Delhi.