Kerala nurse Lini Sajeesh Image Credit: Supplied

Thiruvananthapuram: A brave Kerala nurse who courageously attended to patients critically infected by the Nipah virus, and in the process lost her own life, left a dying note that pulls at the heart strings of anyone who reads it.

Knowing that she was quickly slipping away to death, Lini Sajeesh scribbled a final note for her husband Sajeesh, based in Bahrain, stating that she was “almost on the way”, and asking him to take good care of their two young children.

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In a letter written in a mix of English and Malayalam, Lini wrote: “Sajeesh, am almost on the way. I don’t think I will be able to see you. Sorry. Do take good care of our children. You should take our little one to the Gulf. He shouldn’t be left alone like our father. Lots of love. Kisses.”

By the end of the letter, her hand trails off, with the last word almost illegible.

The 28-year-old nurse wrote the letter from the casualty department of the Perambra Taluk Hospital in Kozhikode district in north Kerala, where she had been working for six years.

Video call

Lini had gone to the hospital last Thursday night after feeding her two young boys. She spent the night with a family admitted to the hospital with the Nipah virus. By Friday morning she was running a fever, and was rushed to the medical college hospital.

In between, she managed to video call her husband in Bahrain, without telling him she was very sick. Sajeesh, however, flew down to Kerala from Bahrain and was able to see her just before she passed away.

Considering the possible chances of infection, Lini’s body was cremated without even her immediate family members being alloweed to view the body, for safety reasons.

While Sajeesh is yet to recover from the shock, Lini’s mother Radha is presently taking care of the little boys that the nurse left behind.

Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed condolences at the demise of Lini, saying “her sacrifice is incomparable”.

On social media, numerous people paid homage to the valiant nurse, and called on the state government to take care of her family.