New Delhi: Outlining the contours of its ambitious plan to curb pollution through odd-even number plate formula, Delhi government today said odd-numbered cars will be allowed to ply on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while even-numbered vehicles will run on the other days — Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Delhi Home Minister Satyendra Jain said the government will only allow emergency vehicles like PCR van, fire tenders, ambulances, regardless of odd-even number, on the roads of the national capital on all days.

Jain, who is also PWD and Health minister, said there is a need to take strict measures to clean the city’s toxic air and even-odd formula will also be applicable on all vehicles of ministers and bureaucrats in the national capital region.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal yesterday said that the government would discontinue the move after 10 to 15 days if people faced problems.

“On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, odd numbered vehicles will be allowed on roads in a week.

“Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will have even-numbered vehicles on roads, and we don’t care about which cars belong to whom,” Jain said.

“Odd-even formula will also be applicable on all ministers and officers. I will also use my car on alternate days and will use carpooling service on other days,” Jain said.

The minister has also sought people’s suggestions on the government’s odd-even formula. People can send their suggestions to, he said.

“Pollution level has gone up in winter in Delhi. Due to heavy smog, people are being advised against going out for exercise,” he said.

Jain also said the government will do something about rampant use of generators by companies which also contribute to pollution in Delhi.

“We will soon discuss this issue in a meeting,” Jain said.

On December 4, the AAP government had come out with a plan of restricting private vehicles bearing odd and even registration numbers to alternate days from January 1 in the capital.

Chief Justice of India T S Thakur on Sunday virtually endorsed the Delhi government’s decision to allow plying of private vehicles bearing odd and even registration numbers on alternate days to lower pollution levels, saying it can be followed “if it helps in reducing” the problem.

Amid criticism of the policy to be implemented from January one, Justice Thakur said the problem was grave and drastic measures are needed to curb it.

When asked whether the apex court judges follow the policy and sacrifice by resorting to car pooling to reach the court, the CJI said, “we would love to do so if it helps reduce pollution”.