Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna tweeted pictures of the Andhra man who taught him how to make Dibba roti
Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna tweeted pictures of the Andhra man who taught him how to make Dibba roti Image Credit: Twitter

Indian Michelin-star chef, Vikas Khanna, is working extensively to distribute food to migrant communities across India. This week, he used Twitter to track down a poor man in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, from whom had he learnt the art of making the Dibba Roti, a thick, crusty bread typically made for breakfast in the state.

Calling the man ‘Masterchef Satyam’ @TheVikasKhanna tweeted that he learnt the technique of making the dish by watching the man on a YouTube video about street food, many years ago.

On May 11, he posted: “Please share - Andhra Pradesh. Thank you @street_byte for introducing me to MasterChef Satyam. I learnt technique of Dibba Roti by watching him years ago. Please help me reach out to him asap. This is the true heritage of our country and we have to protect these treasures. #GuruDakshina”

He also added the hashtag #GuruDakshina - a Hindi word that means repaying one's teacher or "guru".

Indian tweeps managed to track down the 72-year-old man in no time at all and sent his details to Khanna, who has been helping with coronavirus relief by donating ration to those affected by the lockdown.

"Thank you all. We have found Masterchef Satyam,72, who taught me Dibba Roti technique (through YouTube)," he posted in an update.

Reportedly, in April, Khanna started an initiative to create a supply chain delivering dry ration across cities in India. Using social media, mainly Twitter, Khanna’s supply chain has been able to help families in more than 15 cities of India, including Agra, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune, among others.

Chef Vikas Khanna's gesture was widely appreciated by tweeps. Many replied to his post to thank him for helping the poor in the country, even while staying in New York.

“India is blessed to have son like Sir Vikas Khanna.. Super Proud..!”, tweeted @Aashita55205913. And, @Farid_Khan10578 posted: “Vikas Khanna managed to donate more than 250,000 people in India with food supplies during lockdown, from his home in New York.”