Indian couple gets married in lockdown, avoid stigma
Indian couple gets married in lockdown, avoid stigma Image Credit: Aaj Tak

On March 21, an Indian doctor secretly went to meet his fiancé in the Indian city of forts, Bikaner, in Rajasthan. Little did he expect to get stranded there due to the sudden coronavirus lockdown next day. Dr Vivek Mehta from Jodhpur had no choice but to stay at his fiancé, Pooja Chopra’s house.

On April 23, Indian news website Aaj Tak shared the story of how the couple’s parents finally decided to get the two married, amid the lockdown this week.

Twitter users who shared the post, wished the couple a blessed married life.

According to Aaj Tak, Vivek Mehta who works in Ahmedabad, got engaged to Pooja Chopra of Bikaner, who is a fashion designer by profession.

He reached Bikaner on March 21 to meet her. But, the next day the movement of trains was halted. Rajasthan, reportedly, went into lockdown starting March 22. Mehta could not go back to Ahmedabad and was forced to stay in his in-laws’ house.

When the lockdown was extended further till May 3, Pooja’s father explained the problem to the president of the Jain Samaj of Gangahar in Bikaner, but the Mehta family could not travel from Ahmedabad due to the lockdown. A court marriage was also impossible during the lockdown.

Finally, after 30 days of staying with the in-laws, both families agreed to allow the couple to get married during the lockdown. The groom’s family could not attend the wedding. Mehta’s friends and family saw the wedding on a video call.

The couple will continue to stay in Bikaner at Pooja’s parents’ home till the lockdown is lifted.