Bridal hairdo with chocolates goes viral
Bridal hairdo with chocolates goes viral Image Credit: screengrab

A bride's dream is to look special on her wedding day. An Indian bride took things to the next level by setting up a "sweet" trend.

Recently a marriage video from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu went viral on social media.

A bride showed off her unique hairdo made with chocolates and candy. The video shows how it was done. First, the chocolates were arranged with the help of staple pins and then placed on the hair. The bride also had earrings made with candy.

Several users reacted to the video in the comments section. Many found the idea amusing and a class apart from the usual bridal jewellery.

An Instagram user, Halima Khan, said: "Be safe from children. Otherwise, you look nice."

Another user, _its_aman _kaur commented: "Guys, it's someone's creativity and talent, so we should appreciate it…."

Meanwhile, another user disagreed, saying, "I have only one question, why?"

Commenting on the video, @Sreetukk, commented: "Love this idea. What a sweet beginning."

The video was posted on Instagram reels by popular Chennai-based make-up artist Chitra's make-up studio. The post has over 8.7 million views and 272k likes.