#BanNetflixIndia continues to trend in India
#BanNetflixIndia continues to trend in India Image Credit: Twitter

Some Hindu hardliners in India have taken to Twitter to call for a ban on Netflix India. The reason? They claim that the platform streams Anti-Hindu content. Those protesting with the hashtag #BanNetflixIndia say that the video-streaming app is promoting series and movies that are paint a deceitful image of India and show Hindus in a bad light.

According to indiatoday.in, it all started when Ramesh N. Solanki, a member of the Shiv Sena IT cell, filed a complaint at Mumbai's LT Marg Police Station claiming that the American streaming giant has "been trying to paint an incorrect picture of Hindus and India globally". He urged the police to "take necessary legal action" against the streaming platform.

"Almost, every series on Netflix India is with the intention to defame the country on a global level. It is with deep rooted Hinduphobia that the platform is portraying the nation in a bad light," read the complaint.

He cited examples of shows such as Sacred Games, Leila, Ghoul and Hasan Minhaj’s standup comedy show Patriot Act. Sacred Games, Leila and Ghoul depict a strong theme of religion and communal-politics at the core of the narrative. Minhaj also often picks up ongoing issues in India to talk about on Patriot Act.

Soon, others followed suit, condemned these shows and filed complaints of a similar nature.

Which Netflix India shows are facing flak

Sacred Games

Not only does the film show communal politics, in Season 2 the film generalises a revered teacher-student concept with overtly sexual gestures.

Tweep @iDivineArjuna posted: “Sacred Games 2 is the cheapest attempt of #netflixindia to defame and degrade the ideal Guru-Shishya parampara of India so there should be immediate ban on #Netflix in India.”

Another scene in The Sacred Games drew fury when actor Saif Ali Khan was seen throwing away his kada (bracelet) into the ocean. Reiterating the value of the kada in the Sikh community, Akali Dal MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that Kashyap deliberately included the scene in his show.


Leila, a web series that indicates a fascist regime called ‘Aryavrat’ will be established in the country. The term is an undertone to suggest that a similar 'Hindu Rashtra' will be established.

The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is a web series featuring Hasan Minhaj, an American stand up comic of Indian origin. Hasan Minhaj addresses various issues (mostly pertaining to America and occasionally from across the world) on his show. He has made light of the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, the heroic efforts of the Indian Air Force during the Balakot strikes, the Indian elections, Prime Minister Modi’s emphasis on building a stronger India, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s cancer among many other things. The makers of the show also tried to falsely draw parallels between the aftermath of the abrogation of Art. 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and what is happening in Hong Kong. So while using a peculiar brand of humour to talk about important topics, The Patriot Act also casually slips in anti-India and anti-Hindu rhetoric and manages to convince its audience (predominantly made of youth) that India is a regressive society.


The horror series Ghoul indicates that India, in order to curb terrorism is terrorising Muslims and snatching their fundamental rights, the plaint alleges. Custodial killings has been shown as a routine affair by the Indian Army.

Delhi Crime

According to hindujagruti.org "Delhi Crime is a series that was conceived to capitalise on the sensation caused due to the infamous Delhi gang-rape of 2012. While the Delhi Police was commended for apprehending the perps within days, the series used its ‘creative freedom’ card to portray one of the police officers instrumental in nabbing the culprits as a bumbling, indifferent idiot."

Street Food

The documentary that recently premiered on Netflix, displayed a map of India that Indians were not very happy about. It shows India without the disputed region of Kashmir.