Dead body
Illustrative image. Image Credit: IANS

Chennai: An 18-year-old law student allegedly jumped to death from the second floor of his girlfriend’s apartment after the latter’s mother saw the former talking to her late night on the balcony of the apartment they were living in, police said.

The incident took place at Chinna Kolpatty near Salem in Tamil Nadu on Saturday morning.

According to the police, Sanjay, 18, was a law student at the Central Law college in Chinna Kolapatty.

The police added that Sanjay was in love with a girl, who was his college as well as school classmate.

The girl was staying with her mother and sister near the place where Sanjay was also staying.

Kannakurichi police said that Sanjay had reached the apartment where the girl was staying early Saturday morning.

The victim scaled the compound wall of the building and used steps to reach the terrace.

Sanjay and his girlfriend were chatting with each other and suddenly, according to police, the girl’s mother also came to the terrace. To escape from being caught, Sanjay jumped from the second floor of the apartment.

The victim’s head hit on the floor and died on the spot. His body has been sent to the Salem Government hospital for post-mortem.