Image Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube video


  • In a bid to get more viewers, a girl attempted to eat an octopus while it’s still alive during a social media livestream, but things took an ugly turn
  • She started to cry so hard when she realised it had fought back
  • In order to remove the octopus, the girl tried to pull the tentacles and rip them off her skin
  • When she finally managed to detach the creature from her face, the girl learned the octopus had left a small cut on her left cheek

A vlogger’s livestream turned into horror after an octopus she was trying to eat latched onto her skin and left a bloody cut on her face.

The live streamer, known as “seaside girl Little Seven,” made her attempt to devour the sea creature alive while viewers watched on Chinese platform Kuaishou.

She suddenly started crying when she realised the eight-armed animal had fought back and suctioned onto her skin.

“It’s painful. I can’s remove it,” she reportedly cried in Chinese.

While grimacing in pain, the girl desperately tried to pull the tentacles and rip them off her skin, stretching the corner of her left eye in the process.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube video

When she finally managed to detach the ocean-dwelling creature from her face, the vlogger learned she had a bleeding cut on her cheek.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Youtube video

An octopus has suckerlike discs that it can use to ensnare prey. Each of its arms has more than 200 suction cups that can latch very hard on a human skin.

The 50-second video has now gone viral and has been shared on other platforms, including microblogging website Weibo, Youtube and Twitter.

The girl has been criticized for the failed stunt. “I don’t care if it makes me a bad person. I have literally no one ounce of sympathy for her,” said one viewer.

“It’s only fair to fight back, the octopus is literally fighting for its life,” commented another.