Remus and Kris
Remus and Kris Image Credit: Screengrab

One is a rescue dog and the other will grow up to be a fierce predator, despite being completely different, it did not stop them from being best friends.

Kris is three months old and her instincts of being the fastest animal on Earth, a cheetah, are already evident as she is seen running with her best friend, Ramus – a rescue dog.

The pair found each other at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, in Ohio, US.

On Thursday, zoo officials released a video of the duo playing together, prancing around pumpkins, rolling and chasing each other. The zoo is celebrating their ‘Hallzooween’ festival.

The clip was shared online and the two became instant favourites of animal lovers around the world.

While the video shows the inseparable bond the two have, initially zookeepers deliberately introduced the two to each other as they do not have family of their own.

Kris was the only surviving cub from her litter, so she was raised with no siblings.

Zookeepers introduced Remus to the spotted feline and said they selected him because he is good-natured and highly energetic, according to a report by WHIO-TV, US-based television channel’s website.

Became each other’s family

Kris was born on July 7 at the zoo’s Mast Farm Breeding Center. Kris was the only surviving cub of the litter, and zoo officials decided to hand-raise her.

Zoo officials rescued Remus from the Animal Rescue Fund. Remus was selected as a sibling for Kris because of his friendly nature and high energy level.

Zoo’s efforts of helping cheetah population

Since opening in 2000, female cheetahs at the Mast Farm have given birth to 62 cubs, which have gone on to produce 104 offspring. A report from 2018 stated that the 108-acre facility housed eight male and seven female cheetahs, along with three 14-week-old cubs. The report was published by WCPO-TV, US-based television channel’s website.