A police officer holds the handcuffed "demon doll" Chucky after arresting Carlos "N". Image Credit: Reuters

Mexico City: Handcuffed, a knife still sticking out of his overalls, the Chucky doll hunches against the wall as police hold him by his bright orange hair to take his mug shot.

In a bizarre twist, Chucky and his owner were taken into lock-up in a town in northern Mexico earlier this week.

The puppet master, identified only as Carlos "N" under Mexican norms, allegedly used the "demon doll" to scare people and demand money, local media reported.

Both were charged with disturbing the peace and putting others' integrity at risk.

One officer at the police department in Monclova, in Coahuila state, was seen laughing as she held up the long knife taken from Chucky.

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Mexican media reported the officer who put Chucky in cuffs was later reprimanded for not taking her job seriously.

Carlos "N" was later released, local outlets reported, though the Chucky doll's whereabouts are still unknown.