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A family of five lost their lives in Saudi Arabia after they were involved in head-on collision with another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Image Credit: Pexels

Chicago: An Indian student, Rupesh Chandra Chintakindi, has been reported missing in Chicago since May 2.

The Consulate General of India in Chicago is in touch with the police and the Indian diaspora to locate Rupesh.

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In a post on X, the Consulate stated, "The Consulate is deeply concerned learning that Indian student Rupesh Chandra Chintakindi is incommunicado since 2nd May. Consulate is in touch with the police hoping to locate Rupesh."

The Chicago Police, in a statement, have urged people with information on Rupesh's whereabouts to contact them. According to the statement, he was last seen in the 4300 block of N Sheridan Road.

Earlier in April, another Indian student, Mohammed Abdul Arfath, who had been missing since March, was found dead in Ohio. The Consulate General of India in New York expressed condolences to his family and is in touch with local authorities regarding the investigation.

Recently, the Indian community has seen a rise in such tragedies. In April, Uma Satya Sai Gadde, an Indian student in Cleveland, Ohio, died and a police investigation is underway.

Earlier this February, an Indian student faced a brutal attack in Chicago. Following the attack, the Indian Consulate in Chicago stated that it was in touch with the victim, Syed Mazahir Ali, as well as his wife in India.