Tire falls off
A tire is seen falling off the United Airlines plane after takeoff - from a screengrab of a video posted on X by RadarBox Image Credit: X/@RadarBox/@CaliPlanes

A United Airlines jet heading to Japan from San Francisco was forced to divert when a tire fell from the plane shortly after takeoff, crushing cars in a parking lot below.

The Osaka-bound Boeing 777-200, with 249 people on board, diverted to Los Angeles International Airport after the incident. It landed with no injuries reported.

Videos posted on X by RadarBox captured the moment the tire fell and footage of vehicles that appeared to have been damaged by the wheel.

"The 777-200 has six tires on each of its two main landing gear struts. The aircraft is designed to land safely with missing or damaged tires," United Airlines said in a statement.

The carrier said a replacement aircraft would transport passengers to Osaka and that the airline would work with the owners of the damaged vehicles to "ensure their needs are addressed."