Michigan K9 mugshot
Michigan K9’s mugshot Image Credit: Wyandotte Police Department - Michigan

A police dog, K9 named Officer Ice, had a ‘ruff’ day when he was called for a probe for allegedly stealing lunch from one of his colleagues in the Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) Michigan, US.

Earlier this month, the Wyandotte Police Department shared a post of officer Ice’s photo following his criminal charges on their official Facebook page.

As the post stated, Officer Barwig was in the middle of his lunch when he was asked to come to the Wyandotte jail for assistance.

Upon his return, Barwig’s lunch had vanished, and Officer Ice was ‘leisurely strolling out of the room licking his chops’ according to the WPD’s post on Facebook.

On the post, the department said: “Ice invoked his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and, frankly, is not cooperating with the investigation.”

Many Facebook users said they would defend the dog “pro-bone-o”.

A Facebook user, Amy Kaczmarek, commented: “Paws-atively innocent until proven guilty.”

Another Facebook user, Jennifer Faverio Hawley added, “With that face, he should be able to take whatever he wants!”

On January 18, the Wyandotte Police Department published an update on Facebook with the hashtag #nochargesforIce, saying, “We have been threatened with massive protests if we move forward with the investigation on Ice and/or charges. Plus, the overall public doesn’t believe he is guilty. And no video has been produced.”

Also, one of his local supporters left him a custom-made sandwich because he felt Officer Ice wasn’t being fed enough.

The post gathered around 240,000 views on Facebook, and the police department concluded that Ice would not face internal discipline or criminal charges.