US dad's text exiting family group chat goes viral
US dad's text exiting family group chat goes viral Image Credit: Pexels and Twitter

Do busy family chat groups tire you out? A Pennsylvania dad, Thomas D'Orazio, recently rose to Twitter fame after his daughter shared a screenshot of his hilarious announcement of quitting the family WhatsApp group.

According to his daughter Allison’s tweet, he wrote that he was leaving the family group chat because he did not want to “lol or like everyone's random thoughts”.

The 23-year-old tweep from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shared her dad’s wholesome exit message, prompting others to share their own experiences.

“My dad seriously sent this to our family group chat, I'm crying,” Allison captioned the tweet she posted on January 17.

D'Orazio in his message had said that he “couldn't live with the pressure”, of having to reply to everyone.

Many people quickly hailed the dad as 'so real' and relatable for his declaration. The tweet sparked an outpour of praise from millions who admitted that they too feel the same way about group messages. In just a week, the tweet had 14.6 million views.

“I can’t keep up with the pressure of always having to lol or like or heart everyone’s random thoughts, pics and amusements,” he stated.

“For all future texts: I love them, laugh at them, or like them unless it’s bad, then I dislike them. In perpetuity. I can’t live with this pressure. I'm out.”

Twitter users commented to say that D'Orazio, who works as an ophthalmologist, was “so real” and relatable for his declaration.

According to an article on Good Morning America (an American morning television program) website, Allison said that the group chat is made up of herself, her father, her mum, Amy, and her 19-year-old younger sister, Alexa.

Explaining what prompted her dad’s reaction, she said that the women were sending each other various links that they found funny, as well as pictures of what they were doing.

“We were sending a bunch of article links to stuff we found funny. And that day, I was working on a sewing project, and I was sending pictures of my stitches because I was just learning how to sew and I was excited about them,” she told the publication.

She added that her dad who “loves to engage and interact” with their messages, and “felt pressure to like every single thing” that they had sent, which is hard with his busy schedule as a doctor.

“He doesn't [look at his phone] until his lunch break and then [he doesn't again] until the end of the day, so when he reads his phone after appointments, there are so many text messages," she revealed.

“He probably thinks there is a fire or something when it's just our random stuff,” she added.

She also told the publication that despite stating that he was “out” at the time, D'Orazio ultimately decided to stay in the family group chat.

According to Allison, when her dad found out about his newfound internet fame, he said: "Oh great, now people are going to expect me to be funny all the time. Now that's an LOL."

Tweep @farmsteader69 and @luvscbg replied: “I’m stealing this picture. I must send it to my family group chat.”

Agreeing with the dad’s sentiment, @RaeMargaret61 wrote: “I’m 61 years old and I agree with your father. I don’t like group chats at all. I don’t even like texting. I’m of the opinion if somebody has something to say, pick up the phone and call don’t text. It takes longer to text out thought than it does to speak it.”

Another Twitter user @HeadEmptyVal commented: “If anything my dad is the opposite, always active on the group chat, hearting everything then will randomly pop off with either random different emojis or inspirational quotes he reads on the internet, and on some occasions a video or two about crimes on YouTube.”